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Magnetek Series 4 & 5 Impulse Drives: What’s The Difference?

Short Answer

The Magnetek G+/VG+ Series 4 is renowned for its performance and reliability in traditional industrial environments. In contrast, the Series 5 features advanced technological enhancements, improved energy efficiency, and a more compact design, catering to modern industries.

comparing magnetek series 4 and series 5 impulse drives

Initial Thoughts

Magnetek, a recognized leader in the field of advanced motion control systems, has long been at the forefront of developing variable frequency drives (VFDs) tailored for hoisting and crane operations. These drives are crucial for enhancing efficiency and safety in various industrial settings, from manufacturing to heavy moveable structures.

Among their wide array of products, the G+/VG+ Series 4 and Series 5 stand out due to their innovative designs and application-specific functionalities. This guide aims to explain both these series, exploring their features, technical advancements, and the critical differences between them.

Overview of G+/VG+ Series 4

The Magnetek G+/VG+ Series 4 drives are designed to optimize control and enhance performance across a range of industrial settings, especially in hoisting and crane operations. Renowned for their robust construction, these drives are built to withstand rigorous demands, offering precise control and safety in critical applications.

Magnetek G+ Series 4 impulse driveTechnical Specifications

  • Motor Compatibility: Supports both asynchronous AC and synchronous motors.
  • Power Range: Offers a wide array of options, accommodating small to high-power requirements.
  • Control Precision: Features high-precision speed and torque control, suitable for applications needing stringent control accuracies.

Design and Functionalities

  • Control Technology: Utilizes closed-loop flux vector control for precise speed regulation and torque responsiveness, essential for dynamic operational conditions.
  • Safety Features: Includes integral safety measures such as overload protection, ensuring both equipment and operator safety.
  • User Interface: Designed for ease of use, with intuitive controls and clear displays for efficient operation.
  • Expandability: Compatible with various modules to enhance functionality, including additional I/O, communication modules, and encoder feedback systems.


  • Industrial Usage: Ideal for manufacturing settings, material handling systems, and other industrial applications demanding high reliability.
  • Specific Equipment: Excellently suited for cranes, hoists, and other machinery requiring refined motion control.

Overview of G+/VG+ Series 5

The Magnetek G+/VG+ Series 5 is the latest iteration in the line of advanced variable frequency drives, designed to offer enhanced features and superior performance compared to its predecessors. This series introduces significant upgrades in both hardware and software, aiming to meet the modern demands of industrial automation with greater efficiency and reliability.

magnetek g+ series 5 impulse driveTechnical Specifications

  • Enhanced Power Options: The Series 5 provides a broader spectrum of power ratings, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, from light to heavy-duty tasks.
  • Improved Efficiency: Incorporates advanced energy-saving features that reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Advanced Control Systems: Equipped with newer, more sophisticated control algorithms that enhance the precision of motor control and operational smoothness.

Design and Functionalities

  • Compact Design: The Series 5 features a more compact and streamlined design, making it easier to install in space-constrained environments.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Offers an upgraded user interface with more intuitive navigation and expanded configurability, which simplifies setup and customization.
  • Safety and Connectivity: Includes improved safety features and expanded connectivity options, supporting newer industrial communication protocols for seamless integration into existing systems.


  • Versatility in Use: Ideal for applications that range from complex crane operations to precise small-scale manufacturing processes.
  • Industry Adaptability: Especially beneficial in industries where energy efficiency and equipment longevity are critical, such as in manufacturing, processing, and logistics.

Differences Between Series 4 and Series 5

While both the Magnetek G+/VG+ Series 4 and Series 5 drives are engineered to enhance industrial operations, there are several key differences that distinguish the newer Series 5 from its predecessor. These differences focus on technological advancements, improved functionalities, and enhanced user experience.

Technical Advancements

  • Power and Efficiency: Series 5 drives offer a wider range of power options and are equipped with advanced energy-saving technologies that minimize power consumption and operational costs. Compared to Series 4, Series 5 drives are more efficient, supporting sustainability in industrial operations.
  • Control Algorithms: The Series 5 incorporates the latest control algorithms that improve the accuracy and responsiveness of motor control. This advancement allows for smoother and more precise operations, especially in applications requiring detailed motion control.

Design Improvements

  • Physical Build: The Series 5 showcases a more compact and streamlined design, which makes it easier to integrate into various industrial environments without requiring significant modifications. This is a considerable advantage in space-restricted areas.
  • User Interface: There has been a significant upgrade in the user interface in Series 5, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Enhanced configurability and customization options are also key features that provide a more user-friendly experience compared to the Series 4.

Functional Enhancements

  • Safety Features: Series 5 drives have enhanced safety features that provide better protection to both the machinery and its operators. These improvements include more sophisticated diagnostic tools and fault detection capabilities.
  • Connectivity Options: With the inclusion of newer industrial communication protocols, Series 5 drives offer better connectivity options, facilitating easier integration into existing systems and enabling more robust data exchange and system management.

Application Flexibility

  • Industry Suitability: Series 5 drives are designed to be versatile across a broader range of industries, including those with stringent energy efficiency requirements or complex operational demands. This makes the Series 5 a more adaptable choice for modern industrial applications.

Application Scenarios for Each Series

Both the Magnetek G+/VG+ Series 4 and Series 5 drives are designed to cater to a variety of industrial applications, but their specific features make them particularly well-suited for different scenarios. Understanding where each series excels can help in selecting the right drive for specific needs.

G+/VG+ Series 4

  • Heavy-Duty Operations: The Series 4 drives are robust and designed to handle tough industrial environments. This makes them ideal for applications in industries like mining and construction, where equipment must operate under strenuous conditions.
  • Crane and Hoisting: Given their precise control capabilities and robust design, Series 4 drives are often used in crane and hoisting operations. They are particularly effective in environments where the load dynamics are complex and require meticulous control.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Lines: The reliability and precision of the Series 4 drives make them suitable for use in manufacturing settings, especially on assembly lines where consistent speed and torque control are necessary for efficient operations.

G+/VG+ Series 5

  • Energy-Efficient Requirements: With advanced energy-saving technologies, the Series 5 is perfect for industries focused on reducing operational costs through energy efficiency. This includes sectors like manufacturing, where energy costs can significantly impact the bottom line.
  • High-Performance Applications: The improved control algorithms and enhanced connectivity options make the Series 5 ideal for high-performance applications requiring high levels of accuracy and integration with modern control systems.
  • Space-Constrained Installations: The compact design of Series 5 drives allows for their use in applications where space is at a premium. Industries such as pharmaceuticals or food processing, where equipment footprint is critical, will benefit from the smaller size of the Series 5 drives.

Comparative Suitability

  • Upgrade and Retrofit Projects: For companies looking to upgrade or retrofit existing systems with minimal disruption, the Series 5’s enhanced connectivity and compact size make it an advantageous choice.
  • New Installations: New industrial setups, aiming to implement the most current technology with long-term operational savings in mind, will find the Series 5 drives to align perfectly with modern industrial automation trends.

Final Thoughts

The Series 4 is ideal for those who need robust, reliable performance in traditional industrial settings where equipment faces tough conditions. It is particularly well-suited for industries such as mining, construction, and heavy manufacturing.

On the other hand, the Series 5, with its advanced control systems, improved energy efficiency, and compact design, is better suited for modern applications that demand high precision and integration with the latest automation technologies. It is a great choice for new installations looking to leverage advanced features for operational efficiency and future readiness.

Choosing between the two will depend on specific factors like the demand for energy efficiency, space constraints, budget considerations, and the desired level of technological integration. It’s important to assess not only the current needs of your operation but also to consider potential future requirements and advancements in technology that could impact your choice.