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Hoists.com offers an extensive catalog of Columbus McKinnon Hoists for online purchase. CM Hoists are best in manufacturing, construction, and hazardous environments.

Columbus McKinnon Hoists

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About Columbus McKinnon

With more than a century of experience providing products and solutions for industrial manufacturing and construction, Columbus McKinnon has developed a loyal following with users around the globe. Products such as the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist and the orange pin shackles are requested by name due to their reputation for durability and long life.

While products are available for individual use, CM’s expansive line of products offers complete solutions for overhead lifting applications. Products are easily combined to offer comprehensive systems that satisfy the exact requirements of complex applications. From heavy-duty hoists for environments such as steel production to general duty chains and hooks for commercial use, the CM name represents a legacy of expertise in the market.

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Common Questions

Where can I register my CM products warranty?

Before your CM products warranty will be valid, you must first register it. This is a very quick and painless process. You can complete your warranty registration right on CM’s website, here.

Where can I view CM brochures and manuals?

We have all the Columbus McKinnon manuals and brochures listed on our resources page, here.

When was Columbus McKinnon founded?

Columbus McKinnon was founded in 1875. They released their flagship manual hoist, the CM Cyclone, in 1904, and their iconic electric hoist, the CM Lodestar, in 1955.

What industries do CM products serve?

CM has a large variety of products that serves many different industries. This includes aerospace, automotive, construction, entertainment, food processing, and mining, to name a few.

Where are CM products manufactured?

CM has multiple manufacturing facilities in over 40 locations across the United States. Their headquarters are in Getzville, NY.