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Hoists.com offers an extensive product catalog of Coffing electric and manual hoists for purchase. Coffing Hoists are suitable for a variety of industry applications.

Coffing Hoists

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About Coffing Hoists

Widely recognized in manufacturing plants across the globe, Coffing Hoists offers a diverse range of lifting and positioning products, including manual and powered hoists and trolleys.

Coffing provides economical, user-friendly hand chain hoists and lever tools for maintenance and repair staff. To maximize production within the plant, Coffing’s line of powered hoists stands for reliability and efficiency.

Coffing Hoists are known for producing high-performance hoists engineered for heavy-duty industrial service, designed for safety and flexibility in a variety of applications.

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Common Questions

Where can I register my Coffing product’s warranty?

Before your Coffing product’s warranty will be valid, you must first register it. This is a very quick and painless process. You can complete your warranty registration right on CM’s website, here.

Where can I view Coffing brochures and manuals?

We have all the Coffing Hoists manuals and brochures listed on our resources page, here.

When was Coffing Hoists founded?

Fred R. Coffing, the founder of Coffing Hoists, actually invented the first chain hoist in the 1930s. He would continue to found the company shortly thereafter.

What industries do Coffing products serve?

Coffing has a variety of products that serves many different industries. This includes aerospace, automotive, construction, entertainment, food processing, and mining, to name a few.

Where are Coffing products manufactured?

Coffing Hoists are proudly manufactured within the United States and come with a lifetime warranty on all of their products, the best warranty in the industry.