CM Series 653A 2-Ton Lever Chain Hoist


As part of our commitment to bring best-in-class products to market, we are always innovating and improving on existing CM products. Our popular CM Series 653 ratchet lever hoist has been redesigned to be lighter and more compact for ease of use and even lower headroom applications. With a shorter handle length and optimized weight, the CM Series 653A 3/4 and 1-1/2 ton models are among the easiest hoists to operate, outmatching competitors in usability and reliability.

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Additional Features and Benefits:

  • The combination of the versatile CM Hurricane 360 with a low-headroom trolley provides even more flexibility in applications with low ceilings or limited space.
  • Choose from plain or geared versions. These manual trolleys can be easily adjusted to fit to a wide range of beam widths and profiles due to threaded spindles (e.g. INP, IPE, IPB).
  • Trolley wheels are designed for smooth-rolling with pre-lubricated encapsulated ball bearings which provides a smooth operation.
  • Wheels manufactured from fracture-proof steel.
  • Standard anti-tilt and anti-drop features. Load limiter also comes standard to protect against dangerous overloads.
  • Steel load bars are connected directly to the hoist frame for added strength and durability.

Special Applications:

  • Additional options include: chain containers, zinc-plated load and hand chain, latchlok hooks, trolley guards, larger beam trolleys, track clamps, rubber bumpers, and without standard load limiter.
  • Most interchangeability of part within the industry.
  • Lifting capacity ranges from 1/2 ton to 20 tons.
  • Lifetime warranty; Metric rated; Made in the U.S.A.
Weight 31 lbs
Manufacturer Name

Columbus McKinnon

Brand Name


Product Type

Lever Chain Hoist

Capacity (tons)


Capacity (lbs)


Country of Origin







5-Year Warranty


Rigid Hook

Lift Height

5-ft, 10-ft, 15-ft, 20-ft

Throat Opening


Product Codes

5329-X10A, 5329-X15A, 5329-X20A, 5329A