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Budgit Series 2200 vs. Series 6000 (Comparison & Choosing)

Short Answer

The Budgit Series 2200 is ideal for lighter, precision-focused tasks due to its lightweight design and control options, while the Series 6000 excels in heavy-duty, continuous operation environments with higher capacity and robust performance.

Budgit series 2200 vs series 6000

Initial Thoughts

In the realm of industrial lifting and material handling, the choice of the right hoist can significantly impact both productivity and safety. Budgit hoists, with their long-standing reputation for reliability and durability, stand at the forefront of this crucial decision-making process.

Among their wide range of offerings, the Series 2200 and Series 6000 air chain hoists emerge as notable contenders for businesses and individuals alike, each designed to meet specific lifting needs while ensuring efficiency and safety.

The Budgit Series 2200 is celebrated for its lightweight design and precise load control, making it an ideal choice for specialized lifting applications. On the other hand, the Series 6000 is known for its larger frame and continuous duty service, offering precise, infinitely variable speed and accurate load spotting capabilities for more demanding environments.

Both series embody Budgit’s commitment to quality and innovation, but choosing between them requires a deep dive into their features, specifications, and intended applications.

Overview of Budgit Hoists

Budgit hoists have been a staple in the material handling industry, known for their robust reliability, durability, and innovation. This section explores the brand’s history, range of offerings, and the standout features of the Series 2200 and Series 6000.

The Legacy of Budgit

Budgit’s journey began in the early 20th century, quickly establishing itself as a hallmark of quality in the material handling domain. Its evolution over the years has solidified its position as a leader in the industry, catering to diverse sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, and construction.

Budgit’s Product Portfolio

The brand used to offer a comprehensive range of hoists, including electric, manual, and air chain models, each engineered to fulfill specific lifting requirements. However, the electric chain hoists and manual hoists have been discontinued. With that said, the Series 2200 and Series 6000 air chain hoists are particularly noteworthy for their specialized capabilities and innovative design features.

  • Series 2200: Precision and Lightness – The Series 2200 is celebrated for its precision control and lightweight design, making it an ideal solution for specialized lifting tasks where accuracy and maneuverability are key.
  • Series 6000: Strength and Versatility – In contrast, the Series 6000 is known for its durable construction and adaptable performance, suited for more rigorous applications with its continuous duty cycle and variable speed control.

Commitment to Excellence

Budgit hoists embody a commitment to enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity. Features such as overload protection, secure braking systems, and ergonomic controls underscore the brand’s dedication to innovation and user safety. This unwavering commitment to quality and performance ensures that Budgit remains a preferred choice in the material handling equipment market.

Budgit Series 2200: Features and Specs

The Budgit Series 2200 air chain hoist is a standout option for those in need of specialized lifting solutions. Its design emphasizes precision, reliability, and a lightweight structure, making it a preferred choice for various industrial applications. Below, we explore the essential features and specifications that make the Series 2200 a versatile and efficient tool for precise lifting tasks.

(content) budgit series 2200 air chain hoistKey Features

  • Pull Cord Control: Offering an economical solution for precise load control, the pull cord control is a defining feature of the Series 2200. This allows for accurate positioning of loads, particularly beneficial in environments where precision is paramount.
  • Pendant Throttle Control: For users who prefer manual control, the pendant throttle provides ergonomic, one-handed operation. This design not only ensures ease of use but also minimizes operator fatigue during extended use.
  • Aluminum Construction: The use of aluminum for the frame and end cover makes the hoist not only lightweight but also portable. Despite its lightness, it retains a rugged durability suited for heavy-duty applications.
  • Heavy-Duty Brake System: A shoe-type brake system ensures effective stopping and secure holding of loads, adding an extra layer of safety and reliability to lifting operations.
  • Adjustable Lift and Lower Speeds: External adjustment screws offer the flexibility to fine-tune lift and lower speeds, allowing operators to customize performance according to the specific needs of their tasks.
  • Limit Stops: Built-in limit stops prevent over-travel in both lifting and lowering directions, safeguarding against potential damage and enhancing the overall safety of the hoist.
  • High-Torque Motor: An eight-vane motor is engineered to provide high torque, ensuring smooth starts and excellent control throughout the lifting process. This feature is crucial for operations that demand precise load management.


  • Lifting Capacities: The Series 2200 is available in capacities ranging from 1/4 ton to 1 ton, catering to a broad spectrum of lifting requirements.
  • Lifting Speeds: It offers a variety of lifting speeds, enabling it to adapt to different operational demands and improve efficiency in a range of scenarios.
  • Control Options: Users can choose between pull cord or pendant throttle controls, depending on their specific needs and preferences, further enhancing the hoist’s versatility.

Customization and Pricing

The Series 2200 is designed with customization in mind, allowing for adjustments to suit various industrial environments, including options for spark-resistant models. Pricing varies based on configuration and capacity, reflecting the hoist’s adaptability to meet diverse requirements.

Budgit Series 6000: Features and Specs

The Budgit Series 6000 air chain hoist is engineered for robust performance, offering a solution for more demanding lifting needs. It’s designed with a larger frame and is built to provide continuous duty service, making it ideal for applications requiring precise, infinitely variable speed control and accurate load spotting. Here are some of the details, the standout features, and specifications that position the Series 6000 as a top choice for heavy-duty industrial use.

(content) budgit series 6000 air chain hoistKey Features

  • Continuous Duty Service: The Series 6000 is built for continuous operation, making it suitable for intensive use where consistent performance is critical.
  • Precise Speed Control: It features infinitely variable speed control, allowing for precise manipulation of load movement. This is particularly useful in environments where the exact positioning of loads is crucial.
  • Reduced Operation Noise: An internal muffler significantly lowers the noise level during operation, contributing to a more comfortable and less disruptive work environment.
  • Throttle Valve for Smooth Operation: The inclusion of a throttle valve ensures smooth operation, providing users with enhanced control over lifting and lowering actions.
  • Overload Protection: Safety is a priority with the Series 6000, which includes overload protection to prevent damage to the hoist and the load being lifted, ensuring a safer operation.


  • Lifting Capacities: The Series 6000 offers a range of capacities from 1/2 ton to 3 tons, accommodating a wide array of heavy-duty lifting tasks.
  • Lifting Speeds: With speeds ranging from 4 fpm to 30 fpm, the Series 6000 is adaptable to various operational needs, ensuring efficient and controlled lifting across different applications.
  • Control Options: The hoist is equipped with pendant throttle controls, designed for ergonomic, one-handed operation, enhancing the user’s comfort and control during lifting operations.

Customization and Pricing

The Series 6000’s design allows for customization to meet specific industrial requirements, including spark-resistant and food-grade models for specialized applications. The pricing structure reflects the hoist’s capability to be tailored to a variety of settings and tasks, offering a comprehensive lifting solution for challenging environments.

Comparing Series 2200 and Series 6000

When choosing between the Budgit Series 2200 and Series 6000 air chain hoists, it’s essential to consider their key features, specifications, and how these align with your specific lifting needs. This comparison aims to highlight the differences and similarities between the two series, helping you make an informed decision on which hoist best suits your requirements.

Lifting Capacity and Speed

  • Series 2200 offers lifting capacities ranging from 1/4 ton to 1 ton, with speeds that can reach up to 65 feet per minute (fpm). This makes it exceptionally suitable for lighter, more precise lifting tasks where speed and control are crucial.
  • Series 6000, on the other hand, supports heavier loads from 1/2 ton to 3 tons, with lifting speeds up to 30 fpm. This series is designed for more demanding applications where higher lifting capacities are needed, though at potentially slower speeds for maximum control and safety.

Design and Operation

  • The Series 2200 is lauded for its lightweight and compact design, featuring pull cord and pendant throttle controls for precise load positioning. Its aluminum construction enhances portability and ease of use in various settings, particularly where space may be limited.
  • The Series 6000 is built for continuous duty and features robust construction. It includes features like an internal muffler for reduced operation noise and a throttle valve for smooth operation, making it well-suited for industrial environments with intensive lifting needs.

Safety and Customization

  • Both series come equipped with safety features such as heavy-duty brakes and overload protection, ensuring secure operations under all circumstances.
  • The Series 2200 and Series 6000 both offer customization options, including spark-resistant models, to meet specific industry requirements. However, the Series 6000’s higher capacity models provide additional versatility for more demanding industrial applications.


  • The Series 2200 is ideal for specialized lifting applications where precision, lightweight design, and ease of operation are valued. It’s well-suited for manufacturing, assembly lines, and maintenance tasks.
  • The Series 6000 excels in environments requiring high-capacity lifting with continuous duty operation, such as construction, heavy manufacturing, and large-scale industrial projects.

Choosing the Right Hoist for Your Needs

Selecting the perfect hoist for your operations is not just about comparing models; it’s about understanding your unique requirements and how different hoists can meet those needs. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the choice between the Budgit Series 2200 and Series 6000, ensuring you pick a solution that enhances efficiency, safety, and productivity in your workplace.

Assess Your Lifting Needs

  • Capacity: Determine the maximum weight you need to lift. If your tasks typically involve lighter loads, the Series 2200 might be sufficient. However, for heavier loads, the Series 6000 is designed to handle up to 3 tons, making it the go-to option.
  • Frequency of Use: Consider how often the hoist will be in operation. The Series 6000’s continuous duty capability is suited for environments where the hoist will be used frequently throughout the day, whereas the Series 2200 is ideal for less demanding usage.

Evaluate Your Workspace

  • Space Constraints: The physical space of your operation can influence your choice. The compact design of the Series 2200 is advantageous for tighter spaces, whereas the Series 6000, while larger, offers more lifting power for spacious environments.
  • Environmental Conditions: Assess the environment where the hoist will be used. If your workspace has specific requirements, such as the need for spark resistance due to hazardous materials, both series offer models that cater to such conditions.

Consider Operational Control and Safety Features

  • Control Needs: Your preference for control type—whether pull cord or pendant throttle—can affect your decision. The Series 2200 offers both options, giving you flexibility in operation style, while the Series 6000 focuses on pendant throttle controls for robust handling.
  • Safety Features: Both series boast safety features like overload protection and heavy-duty brakes. Ensure that the model you choose has all the necessary safety mechanisms to protect your loads and operators.

Think About the Future

  • Scalability: Look ahead and consider whether the hoist you choose can grow with your business. The modular design of both the Series 2200 and Series 6000 allows for upgrades and modifications, ensuring they can adapt to changing business needs.
  • Maintenance and Support: Consider the availability of maintenance services and support for your chosen hoist. Reliable customer service and ease of obtaining replacement parts can significantly impact the long-term usability of your hoist.

Choosing Between Series 2200 and Series 6000

Selecting the right Budgit hoist depends on your specific needs:

  • For precision lifting in lighter industrial applications, the Series 2200 provides the necessary speed, control, and flexibility.
  • For more rigorous and heavy-duty lifting requirements, the Series 6000 offers the strength, capacity, and durability needed to perform under demanding conditions.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the choice between the Budgit Series 2200 and Series 6000 air chain hoists comes down to a clear understanding of your lifting needs, workspace constraints, and the specific features each series offers.

By carefully assessing these factors, you can make an informed decision that enhances operational efficiency, ensures safety, and meets the precise requirements of your lifting tasks. Whether your focus is on precision and control for lighter loads or robust performance for heavy-duty applications, Budgit offers reliable, high-quality solutions tailored to a wide range of industrial needs.